Do You Need A Pallet Jack Or Forklift For Your New Warehouse?

If the time has arrived when you need to purchase machinery to help move inventory boxes in your company's new warehouse, then you need to decide if your business's needs require a forklift or of you can buy a less expensive pallet jack. Which piece of machinery is right for your business depends on many factors, such as: the average weight of the inventory to be moved whether the machine will need to do order picking whether the machine will be used to load/unload trucks Here is some information on each of these uses and the best machine to get the job done: Read More 

Tips For Metalworking Cold Rolled Steel

If you are an artist who is working on a metal sculpture that requires welding cold rolled steel pieces, then follow these tips to achieve the best possible weld results. Weld Cold Rolled Steel Using an Electric Arc Welder Since cold rolled steel has been processed to have strength, heating it with a gas welder will ruin the properties of the steel you are welding. As a gas welder heats the area around the weld, the steel will essentially become hot rolled and this defeats the purpose of using the harder, cold rolled material. Read More 

Even Aluminum Can Corrode And Fail: How To Protect An Aluminum Seal

Aluminum seals are often seen as being more corrosion-resistant than steel. But aluminum is not impervious to corrosion even if the aluminum can form a protective coating on its own. You may need to provide your own protective coating to the aluminum seal depending on the conditions under which your product will be kept. Cleaning Aluminum Aluminum becomes dull as a result of corrosion, which causes calcium, lime, tarnish, oil and hard water stains to accumulate on the aluminum. Read More 

How Industrial Centrifugal Blowers Share Traits And Parts With Theatrical Fog Machines

Centrifugal blowers, especially those found in factories that move a lot of gases and air around, may have played a part in the creation of theatrical fog machines. The blowers have several blades that spin and move air or gas rapidly from a an exhaust pipe up through the roof of the building or into another part of the factory where the gas is used for the production of a product or used as fuel. Read More 

Make Your Own Scooter Board

If you are looking for an entertaining outdoor toy that gets your child moving, a scooter board will give them countless hours of fun. It is not that difficult to make a scooter board on your own using basic tools and a few supplies from a hardware store. Here are some instructions for you to follow when making a scooter board for your child. Materials You Will Need 3/4"-1" thick piece of wood cut into a square with about a foot of length on each side 1" Read More