Grommets And Face Paint: Transform A Dainty Corset Into One Fit For A Renaissance Fair Warrior Queen

If you are getting ready to attend your first Renaissance Fair with friends, and you are all planning on going in costume, then you are probably looking for ideas. There are queens, ladies, tavern wenches, and princesses. However, you might want something different. Well, one really cool idea is a warrior queen outfit. Remember, the costumes people wear at Renaissance Read More

Tips For Preventing Backflow In The Home

As a homeowner, you likely want to take steps to avoid backflow. Backflow is when water that is not clean anymore, due to it having been used already, flows back through the pipes and into the water supply that is used for cooking, bathing, and washing clothing. You don’t want to accidentally contaminate your water supply. Here are some tips Read More

What To Consider When Designing A New Compressed Air System For Your Business

When your company relies on compressed air to operate its machinery, you want a system that will function properly throughout the years. To accomplish your goal, you need to know more about the different piping options and layout choices that can affect the overall performance of your new system. Pipe Material One important aspect of a compressed air system is Read More