Make Your Own Scooter Board

If you are looking for an entertaining outdoor toy that gets your child moving, a scooter board will give them countless hours of fun. It is not that difficult to make a scooter board on your own using basic tools and a few supplies from a hardware store. Here are some instructions for you to follow when making a scooter board for your child.

Materials You Will Need

  • 3/4"-1" thick piece of wood cut into a square with about a foot of length on each side
  • 1"-2" thick piece of foam in the same dimensions as your wood
  • 18"x18" piece of material in desired pattern 
  • 4 steel casters and accompanying hardware
  • Course and medium-grit sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Foam adhesive spray
  • Staple gun and staples

Preparing The Wood

Before you assemble your scooter, you will want to sand down the wood so there is little risk of having a splinter poke through the material after it is added. Sand the wood using course-grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges. Follow up with the medium-grit sandpaper until the wood is smooth to the touch. 

Adding The Wheels

When selecting steel casters from a company like Garland's Inc for your scooter, make sure they swivel in all directions rather than just rolling back and forth after they are attached. The bigger the wheel, the higher the scooter will be off of the ground, so keep this in mind when making a selection as well. Use the enclosed hardware to add a caster wheel to each of the four corners of the square of wood. The wheels should be attached to what will be the undercarriage of your scooter. Make sure the casters are secure and test them out before adding the material to the scooter. Do this by placing the wood wheel side down on the ground and push it along to make sure the wheels move freely without restriction. 

Decorating The Scooter

Use foam adhesive spray to glue your foam directly to the wood on the opposite side from the wheels. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Center your piece of material over the foam and wrap each edge underneath the wood to the side with the wheels. You will have about 3 inches of material wrapped to the underside along each edge of the scooter. Attach the material to the underside using a staple gun. Cut any excess material using scissors so it is out of way of the casters. 

You will now be able to teach your child some fun activities and games they can use with a scooter. Take it outside onto an asphalt surface, or use it indoors on cement or wood surface if desired.