Janitorial Supplies For Commercial Restrooms

If your janitorial staff doesn't have supplies and materials that can efficiently be used to clean all of the surfaces in a commercial restroom, some areas may be overlooked during each cleaning session. Purchase materials that are designed with the janitorial industry in mind. Wheeled utility carts, extension handles, and interchangeable brush heads will make cleaning tactics more successful.

Utility Carts

A utility cart that contains a pull handle, built-in tool holders, and a bucket restraint will allow your cleaning crew to load up all of the items they need for each cleaning stint. Choose a bright-colored cart style that contains caster wheels, a locking mechanism, and plenty of storage space.

The bright color of each cart will alert employees or customers who are in a commercial building about the active cleaning duties that are going on. Plastic or metal components will be easy for your workers to rinse off at the end of a cleaning shift.

Extension Handles

Extension handles that are designed to attach to a scrub brush, a mop, or a squeegee will allow your crew to clean hard-to-reach places. Elevated windows, surfaces that are behind a commode or a sink, and intricate trim work may not be cleaned properly if your crew is relying solely upon hand cleaning tools. Elevated surfaces may even be looked over in their entirety.

Extension handles that are retractable will fit inside of a utility cart. Handles that can be adjusted will allow people of varying heights to customize a handle to their preferences. Purchase a universal handle model that is designed to screw onto the standard handles that are attached to the cleaning tools that your employees use.

Interchangeable Brush Heads

If your employees encounter a variety of textured surfaces when they are cleaning commercial restrooms, some scrub brush head styles may work better than others. Instead of carrying around a lot of individual tools that are each designed for specific uses, you can invest in interchangeable brush heads. Purchase some sets that include slightly rough, abrasive, and soft bristle heads.

Some products may feature wide strips of fabric or flexible bristles that will work well to clean between tiles or around fixtures. Brush heads that can be dipped into a cleaning solution will minimize the number of times that an employee needs to spray a cleaning solution directly onto a brush. Purchase some bags that can be used to store all of the scrub brush pieces.

For more information regarding janitorial products contact an industrial equipment and supplies store.