Reaching Higher And Higher: When A Twelve-Foot Ladder Is Not Enough

Ladders help people get to high places. Unfortunately, the longest ladders you can buy will barely reach the top of the third story of any building, unless you are on a fire truck ladder. Since you cannot borrow the fire department's ladder truck every time you need to reach higher, you are going to need something better. The following options can help. 


What helped Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel's ceiling? What helps people restore castle edifices and towers? What helped Great Britain restore St. Peter's Cathedral in London? It should not surprise you that scaffolding was at the heart of all of these projects. Scaffolding is as ancient as the Egyptians, even older. When you want to go higher, reach higher, and build or create things way up high, you need scaffolding. Rent it, or buy it, and then you can always go as high as you want. 

Cherry Picker

A cherry picker truck is one that provides a bucket on the long end of a telescoping arm. It can reach several stories up. You can also rent this truck from the same companies that rent scaffolding, a bonus in case your scaffolding or the truck does not work out the way you expect it to. Start with the cherry picker, and if that does not work, use the scaffolding. 

Drop Scaffold

Drop scaffolds are lowered from the highest level of a building. They are most commonly used with multi-story office buildings for the purpose of cleaning windows. However, you can rent these platforms and cable/pulley systems.

You will need a way to get to the top of the building you want to reach, and then use the drop scaffold system to lower to the height you want to reach. Unfortunately, this only works with buildings tall enough to make good use of it. It cannot be used on any residential property unless that residential property is at least three stories high. If you are working on a cathedral ceiling, you can also use drop scaffolding. 

Other Options May Be Available

If you want any other ideas about what to rent and what to use to get higher than most ladders reach, talk to the construction equipment rental company, like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. They may provide some insight on what else you can rent. Depending on how high you want and need to go, the rental company can suggest equipment best suited to your intended use.