Beyond Nails And Hammers: Advanced Tools For Woodworking

If you're interested in woodworking and want to move beyond basic carpentry, then you will need to get yourself a whole new set of tools. The basic tools, such as circular saws and hammers, are fine for basic carpentry, but they are limited in scope when considering more sophisticated woodworking. So, if you are looking to make an inlaid tabletop or a decorative chest of draws with fruitwood scrolling, then you will need to expand your toolbox. Read More 

Sick Of Paying For Floor Scrubbing Services? Get A Machine On A Budget

If you own a commercial property and you think you may want to get your own floor scrubber for your cleaning staff to use, there are a few ways you can get a good deal. If you think having one in house would be more economical and convenient in comparison to hiring a company, it's easy to make a good investment by buying the right floor scrubber. Here are a few things to ask the company about when you get prices and information on models. Read More 

Keep Your Water Clean: Choosing The Right Location For Your Well

Whether you are building a home or drilling an additional well to cope with a dwindling water supply, you need to be sure your drinking water is safe. The most important thing you can do to ensure the quality of your drinking water, besides proper drilling and construction techniques, is to choose a safe location for your well. Well water is drawn from the underground aquifer, which is recharged by rainwater slowly traveling through the ground. Read More 

3 Safety Rules to Follow When Using Scissor Lifts

When you need to move heavy loads and/or personnel in a vertical direction, a scissor lift can be an invaluable tool. Working with industrial equipment, like a scissor lift, can be dangerous if your employees don't remain vigilant at all times. Here are three safety rules to ensure your employees follow when using scissor lifts in the future. 1. Perform a pre-use safety check. In order for employees to remain safe while using a scissor lift, the equipment must be in proper working condition. Read More 

What To Do When You Can’t Find Your Septic Tank Lid

If you suspect septic problems and are planning to snake the line to the tank or clean the inlet baffle for the first time, your first challenge will be to locate the septic tank lid. Newer tanks have lids with raised handles, making them easy to spot. But many older tanks have lids that are flush with the ground. If you don't know where the tank is or how it is situated, finding it is a lot harder. Read More