Buying Orbital Welding Equipment? Why You Also Need To Buy Protective Gear

If you're going to buy new orbital welding equipment, don't forget about the safety gear. If you're like most people, you might not think about safety gear when buying new welding equipment. Unfortunately, that can put you at risk for accidents and injuries. That's where personal protective gear comes into the picture. Whenever you buy new welding equipment, you should always invest in protective gear. If you're not sure why you need protective gear, read the list provided here. Here are four types of injuries that protective gear can prevent. 

Heat-Related Injuries

If you're ready to buy orbital welding equipment, now's the time to add protection against heat-related injuries. Orbital welding equipment generates a lot of heat. The equipment also throws sparks. This is especially true when welding stainless steel. But, orbital welding also produces UV radiation. That's why you need to include safety gear when buying new orbital welding equipment. 

Fume-Related Injuries

Now that you're buying new orbital welding equipment, it's time to update the ventilation system. Orbital welding equipment can produce toxic fumes. Without proper ventilation, you and your crew can get sick. That's where new ventilation equipment comes into the picture. When buying new orbital welding equipment, you should also buy new ventilation equipment. This should include new hoods, vacuum nozzles, and extractor guns. This equipment will help remove toxic fumes from the work area. 

Noise-Related Injuries

Are you going to operate your orbital welding equipment in a closed environment? If so, you need to protect your hearing. Orbital welding equipment can cause serious damage to your ears. Unfortunately, ear damage can lead to permanent hearing loss. That's where protective equipment becomes beneficial. Avoid hearing-related damage.

Include sound-blocking ear protection when you buy your orbital welding equipment. It's also a good idea to make sure that your ear protection is also flame-resistant. That way, you can protect your ears from heat-related injuries too. 

Shock-Related Injuries

If you're buying new welding equipment, don't forget about shock protection. This is especially important when working around moisture. Moisture can get inside the electrical circuits. This increases the risk for electrical shocks. Protective gear is one way to prevent injuries. Insulated welding gear will help protect you against these injuries. It's also a good idea to create a moisture-resistant work area when operating your welding equipment. 

Don't take chances with your safety. Now that you're investing in new welding equipment, be sure to invest in protective gear too. For more information on orbital welding products, contact a company near you.