Understanding The Considerations For Ordering Custom Rubber Parts

Whether you're working in an industrial industry or just a fabrication business, you may find yourself with a need for rubber parts that you can't buy on the market. Everything from specific sizes to certain shapes or compositions can easily be created by a custom rubber parts manufacturer. However, before you can actually order these custom parts, you need to give some thought to what you actually need. Here's a look at some of the things you should consider before you order those rubber parts. 

Be Clear About Your Dimensions

Especially in precision fabrication, the dimensions of the parts you need can be a crucial element. If a part's size or thickness is off by even a fraction of an inch, it can affect the fit and assembly of the entire component. That's why it is important that you know precisely what you need and you identify the available margin on those dimensions before you order the parts.

If you have an existing part that you can spare, consider sending it as a sample to your rubber parts manufacturer. That way, they can create the precise part from the object itself. Otherwise, talk with the manufacturer you choose about the best way to obtain the measurements that they will need.

Consider The Type Of Rubber You Need

One of the best things about ordering custom rubber parts is the fact that you can select any type of rubber that you want for your application. That makes it important to consider the different rubber options before you place your order.

For example, if you're putting the rubber components in an area where stability and strength are important, you'll want to choose a hard rubber compound for your parts. In areas where you need a little bit more flexibility to help prevent damage, you can have those parts made from a softer silicone mixture so that there's more cushion provided.

Think About Any Environmental Concerns

In addition to choosing the rubber compound that's right for the application itself, you also need to think about how any environmental concerns might affect the component. When you are using rubber components in an environment where there may be exposed to extreme heat or any type of chemicals, you need to talk with your custom rubber parts manufacturer about protective coatings or components to ensure that your rubber parts don't suffer damage from these hazards. Talk with the manufacturer about each application and environment to help identify any of these possible issues.

To get started, contact a local custom rubber parts manufacturer.