Benefits Of Using Guides With Oil Sucker Rods

Sucker rods are an important component used in the oil industry. They do create metal-to-metal contact and that's not good for prolonged periods of time. You can do something about this aspect with sucker rod guides. They are beneficial for many reasons. 

Reduce Tubing Wear

Probably the most important reason to incorporate guides with your oil site's sucker rods is to reduce tubing wear. As mentioned before, it tends to happen over time and if it continues, the internal tubing used in your oilfield operations will not hold up for as long as it should.

You don't want these costly issues affecting your operations, and they won't as long as you use high-quality sucker rod guides and keep the tubing and rods separate at all times. No matter how much movement goes on, these two components can be kept apart by the sucker rod guides you select.

Friction Is Reduced

When the sucker rod and internal tubing are active, you don't want there to be any sort of friction. If there is, then the pumping efficiency around your oilfield site can be greatly reduced and that could mean more money your oilfield company has to deal with one way or another.

You can effortlessly solve this problem if you set up guides on your sucker rods. In addition to preventing tubing and sucker rod contact, friction will be significantly lowered and that means great pumping efficiency you can look forward to on a consistent basis.

Easy to Install

There are probably many tasks going on around your particular oilfield site every day. Thus, when thinking about dealing with tubing and sucker rods potentially coming in contact with each other, you want a solution that is easy and quick to set up.

You'll get this design when you invest in sucker rod guides. A lot of them actually have a snap-on design. So within a couple of seconds, you can position these guides on your sucker rods correctly and then be able to benefit from them the next time pumping occurs around your oil site. It's not required to be an expert with this component either to quickly set up these guides. 

When it comes to oilfield pumping, you need the sucker rods being kept separate from internal tubing. You can achieve these results with sucker rod guides. Once they're properly installed, you'll get optimal pumping performance, less friction, and minimal metal-to-metal contact.

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