Oilfield Equipment Rental: Pieces Typically Available

In the oil industry, those who spend time in the oilfield have to directly rely on the equipment they are using to get the job done. If the equipment they are using fails, it can be detrimental to the whole mining process. If there is an oilfield equipment rental store nearby, however, mining can go on as intended. Most of these places have a full inventory of helpful equipment pieces available. 

Sand Separators

When you are in the process of harvesting crude petroleum from a sand reserve, your sand separator is hugely valuable, and this piece of equipment works really hard. It is not uncommon for sand separators to break down during mining, which can cost your mining operation hours of downtime. Thankfully, most oilfield equipment rental companies do have sand separators available for rent that can carry you through these situations. 

Portable Storage Tanks 

In the event you are on a remote oilfield pumping crude oil from the ground and you hit an unexpected reserve, the storage equipment you brought along may not suffice to house all that you need to house. If there is a local oilfield equipment rental company nearby, you can quickly get a resolution to this problem in the form of a portable storage tank. These tanks are much akin to what you are probably already using and can be the difference in just how much crude you are capable of harvesting from one site. 

Thermal Blankets 

If the temperature of the ground drops to a certain degree, it changes the viscosity of the oil that you are trying to mine in an oilfield. Therefore, the oil becomes harder to manipulate and can become practically impossible to pump, refine, or move. Thermal blankets are designed to be spread over the ground to help slightly elevate the ground temperature during periods of cooler weather. Sometimes this is all it takes to prevent a major disruption in your oilfield mining processes. 

Flare Stacks 

Flare stacks serve the vital purpose of expelling excess pressure from vessels or pipes protruding from a mining site. Therefore, operating without these flare stacks in some mining settings can be dangerous, which means problems with a flare stack could easily halt production. If you have a flare stack that goes down, having the opportunity to rent one means that you can continue with production processes without having to stop while repairs are being done.