Three Ways To Cut Fuel Costs On A Long Trip In Your Heavy Duty Truck

Are you planning on driving your heavy duty truck on a long trip? Are you looking for ways to cut your fuel costs as you travel? Here are three ways to do just that.

Drive the Speed Limit

One way to limit the amount of gas you use, thereby cutting fuel costs, is to drive the speed limit. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as soon as you hit 50 mph, your gas mileage begins to rapidly decrease. While optimum gas mileage varies from vehicle to vehicle, a good rule of thumb is that for every 5 mph you drive over 50, you are paying up to an additional $0.13 for gas per gallon. If you have a hard time driving the speed limit, set your vehicle to cruise control if it's available. This will not only ensure you obey the law but it will also help you maintain a constant speed, using less fuel.

Know How to Pack

Packing light on a long trip might not always be feasible (especially if you have the whole family along) but the lighter you pack, the easier it is on the cost of fuel. For every 100 pounds you have to pack, you are paying about 2 percent more for gas mileage. While this isn't a lot, it can certainly add up if you are going on a long trip. Another packing tip to help curb fuel costs is to avoid hauling anything on the roof of your vehicle. By removing anything you don't need on the trip from your truck and avoiding hauling cargo on its roof, you'll be saving money on gas.

Get a Side-Mounted Fuel Tank Installed

Side-mounted fuel tanks can be another way to help you save money on fuel during a long trip. The type of fuel tank you get will depend on the make and model of your heavy duty truck. Many companies have GM fuel tanks available as well as tanks for other truck brands. One of the main reasons getting a side-mounted fuel tank installed will help you save money is that you won't have to stop as often to get gas. Stopping and starting your vehicle, along with having an idling engine, can decrease your gas mileage. The longer you can go without having to refuel, the more money you will save. To find the right side-mounted fuel tank for your truck, contact a company like SouthTowns Specialties, LLC.

By using these three tips, your next long road trip in your heavy duty truck won't have to break the bank.