Sick Of Paying For Floor Scrubbing Services? Get A Machine On A Budget

If you own a commercial property and you think you may want to get your own floor scrubber for your cleaning staff to use, there are a few ways you can get a good deal. If you think having one in house would be more economical and convenient in comparison to hiring a company, it's easy to make a good investment by buying the right floor scrubber. Here are a few things to ask the company about when you get prices and information on models.

Buy a Send Back

Are there any machines that were purchased and used a few times, but then they were returned? If so, they may be offered a lowered price than a new model. Are there models that had faulty parts and had to be fixed, but are still in new condition? Refurbished machines can often last just as long and work just as well as the machines that are new out of the box, but are cheaper to buy.

Buy Used

Does the seller have used models that you can purchase, or can you find a used model on classified sites around you. You may want to buy a new machine first to see if you really will use the floor scrubber as often as you like, or if it's worth your money to invest in a new one. You may buy one and realize you don't use it like you thought you would, and you'll be glad you didn't pay top dollar for a new one.

Look for a Unit that Needs Repairs

Look on the classified sites in your area to see if anyone is selling one that doesn't work or one that needs a new cord or new battery. Replacement parts and the labor to have the unit worked on, plus the purchase price may still be cheaper than the cost for a new one. You may also be able to call the store and see if there are any that someone decided they didn't want to fix, and then you can pay for the parts and for the machine.

A floor scrubber is a great piece of equipment to have when your floors are looking grim. Get your own unit so you don't have to pay a floor cleaning service every time you want to have your floors done, and find a great deal while you test out having your own machine.